Legacy Behavioral Health Center, Inc. provides an array of Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services in several languages with a culturally sensitive treatment focus.


Psychiatric Services:

  • Psychiatric Evaluations.
  • Medication Management.
  • Taking of Vital Signs.
  • Completion of Disability.
  • Documentation.

Psychological Services:

  • Psychological Testing.
  • Psychological Evaluations.
  • Psychosexual Evaluations.

Outpatient Services:

  • Individual Therapy.
  • Family Therapy.
  • Couples Therapy.
  • Group Therapy: Parenting Skills, Anger Management, and Art Therapy.
  • Infant Mental Health Assessments (Ages 0 - 5)

Substance Abuse Services for Adults and Adolescents:
Substance abuse education, such as strategies for avoiding substance abuse or relapse, health problems related to substance abuse, and motivational enhancement and strategies for achieving a substance-free lifestyle. Services include psychiatric services, outpatient therapy, and day treatment services. Areas of focus include:

  • Life skills training.
  • Non-verbal therapies.
  • Training or advising on health and medical issues.
  • Employment or educational support to assist clients in becoming financially independent.

Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Services (TBOS):
Encompasses intensive therapy on-site (schools, shelters, foster homes, and/or daycare centers) to children and their family. A range of treatment modalities and interventions are used to meet client needs.

Therapeutic Behavioral Support Services On-Site (TSS):
Provides supportive services on-site ( schools, shelters, foster homes and/or daycare centers) to children and their family: Interventions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Parent Training & Coaching.
  • Behavior Modification.
  • Socialization Skills.
  • Effective Listening.
  • Effective Communication.
  • Anger Management Skills.

Targeted Case Management (TCM):
Provide community resources for children & adults to prevention out of home placement and advocate and link to appropriate mental health and substance abuse services.

Aged/Disabled Adult Waiver Program:
We provide an array of services to the Elderly and Disabled adults with an opportunity for socialization and recreation in addition to addressing Mental Health and Substance Abuse issues in a caring and supportive environment. Services provided in English, Spanish, Creole, French, Portuguese and Kanjobal.

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