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Our Mission:

Legacy Behavioral Health Center is dedicated to improving the quality of life and well-being of multigenerational individuals and their families by offering culturally sensitive healthcare, recovery, and supportive services that promote and enhance emotional, social and personal growth.

Our Vision:

Legacy Behavioral Health Center envisions cementing a bond between generations through a multicultural system of care that fosters healthy emotional, intellectual, social and personal growth in a nurturing and culturally sensitive environment that is responsive to the individual’s needs, recovery, and receptive to their unique culture, preferences and values.

Our Core Values:

Legacy Behavioral Health Center distinguishes itself by:

  • Providing quality healthcare services and creating a value driven Center of Excellence
  • Delivering healthcare services that promote cultural sensitivity, recovery, and awareness
  • Offering highly qualified and culturally diverse staff to deliver outstanding services
  • Encouraging Honesty and Integrity
  • Fostering Care and Compassion
  • Motivating Mutual Respect and Team work
  • Ensuring Access to Care for All